If you are looking for Positive Parenting Solutions, this is it!  Amy McCready has appeared on several network shows promoting this Revolutionary Program and it really works.  If you have any problems with your kids and can’t seem to find the answers, read below.  You will want to find out more.



The Leader in Online Training for Parents of Toddlers to Teens

parenting solutionsPositive Parenting Solutions founder and educator, Amy McCready has been developing and teaching the tools, mindsets, and strategies that have helped more than 60,000 parents in over 20 countries, and 6 continents change their lifestyles from confusion and chaos to calm and relaxed. She’s helped them stop yelling and start living the life they imagined. She’s taught them the skills to raise capable, independent, resilient and respectful children, without raised voices or giving in to guilt.

Why? She’s been there. In the same shoes as parents who’ve struggled with tantrums, kids not listening, whining, sibling battles, and more. In fact, the catalyst for developing Positive Parenting Solutions was her own realization that she had turned into the “yeller” that she swore she’d never be. She became determined to find a better way. A healthier, happier means of raising great kids without losing control.

From backtalk to bedtimes. Tantrums to power-struggles. Toddlers to teens. You can get the help you need to feel EMPOWERED and PROUD at how you handle anything parenthood throws your way.  And you can raise strong, respectful, considerate, and even HELPFUL children. Start TODAY. No cost. No stress. Just real-world solutions you can implement IMMEDIATELY to create a happier home.


The Toolbox

parenting solutionsAmy used her Fortune 500 training experience and her Positive Discipline certification to create the Positive Parenting Solutions curriculum that has made learning fun for tens of thousands of parents. It has helped them to discover not just the NOW answers they need, but the kind of lifetime, lasting results that make all the difference. With Amy’s Toolbox, parents worldwide have felt more EMPOWERED and better CONNECTED with their kids, their partners, their spouses, and their family.  All in ways many never even dreamed possible. Parents, corporations, and media professionals have been lining up ever since to learn more.  You’ll find tools that take the GUESSWORK out of parenting. You’ll know what to say and when to say it. You will easily turn situations that were once stressful and chaotic into peaceful and quiet. In fact, you’ll start doing that from DAY ONE.

You’ll find Amy on television and online as a regular parenting contributor for NBC’s TODAY Show. She’s also appeared on CBS This Morning, CNN, Fox & Friends, MSNBC, Rachael Ray, Steve Harvey and elsewhere. She is a sought after keynote speaker and a trusted spokesperson for family friendly brands. Her most important role? Proud mom of two amazing young men.