Energy2Green – Build Your Own Solar and Wind Power

Solar and wind power is the future trend of energy. Many households have already converted their home to solar power taking advantage of the energy offered by the sun.  Solar energy will be the major energy source for future starting today.  If you are looking to go GREEN, this is an offer you may want to see!


solar powerBuild Your Own Solar Power System

For generations, we have been held hostage by Power Companies. Despite relatively little investment in new power plants and equipment, the average consumer has seen their electric bill more than double in the past 10 years!  This far outpaces inflation during that same time period.  No one has invested in any nuclear facilities for more than 3 decades.  So why have the power companies raised our rates so dramatically?


Because They Can!

It’s simple!  We absolutely NEED electricity and the power companies know it. They have been justifying price increases for years despite having over 300 years worth of verifiable coal reserves (most electricity is produced using coal).  But today, the average household spends $1,000 or more per year on electricity and the rates will keep going up and up.


What Can We Do About It?


Solar Power is the answer!  The Energy2Green system began as an ambitious engineering project at one of the most prestigious universities in the world with four very simple goals.

  1. Design and build working windmills and solar panels using materials that any average person can locate and buy
  2. To keep costs under $500 so any average person can afford to implement
  3. Make the designs simple enough that any average person can make their own windmills and solar panels using simple step-by-step instructions
  4. To ultimately reduce greenhouse emissions and combat global warming at the micro level


The winning designs were put to the test…by High School students!  They had no help from their teachers.  They were able to use the instructions to create their very own solar panels and windmills! All eight groups of students (working in pairs) were able to reproduce the winning designs to create both workable windmills and solar panels at an average cost of just $200 and using nothing more than simple hand tools!

To find out more information about Energy2Green, GO HERE!

solar power

Don’t Forget!  You Will Also Be Fighting Global Warming In A Very Real And Meaningful Way!   This is the moment that can literally help end your dependence on the power company forever.  It will make a REAL difference in the fight against global warming!  Energy2Green is available in PDF format so you can literally hit the ground running and go out and buy everything you need today to get started immediately! Your order is 100% secure, completely risk-free, and we never share your information with any third party for any reason.